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To get it out of the way first: You do not need to be changed. You are not broken, so you do not need fixing. In case you were not aware, I am happy to be the one to break it to you. You are great.


Now, with that being said: Not everything in your life may be to your satisfaction. Your relationships, your business, your mission in life, your passions. Health, family, fun. Spirituality. All these things are important cornerstones in most people ́s lives, but we do not necessarily succeed in all of them. We usually are better at some, and not so great at others. Most of the time, the reasons are underlying, untested belief systems. Stories that we tell ourselves. They are a part of our persona.


Picture a fisherman at sea who has thrown out a big net and is now reeling it back onto his boat. He will not just have caught fish, but crabs, sea shells, rocks, drift wood, license plates and tires. All this symbolizes your persona. It is this mixture of things that you have reeled in over the course of your life. It includes everything that you have been taught by your parents. Everything you observed by being around others. Everything that you have picked up in the media over the course of your life. News, advertising, talk shows, movies and series. Some of these catches are great! And some are just things that the fisherman would have thrown back into the ocean. Because a boat full of license plates and tires is not going to get the fisherman to where he wants to be.


Your persona – or commonly and misleadingly referred to as "I" - will always come up with a little story, a little drama. Everyone has a story. Some are fun and helpful, others not as much: "I have never been good at that. I  am not capable of having a relationship. I had a tough upbringing. I was always overweight. I do not think I am worth it". We have been telling our story so often and have listened to it so many times that – can you believe it - we are actually believing it. It has become an integral part of our lives, a condition. And that can make the mastery of life quite challenging.


My invitation and my privilege is to guide you out of these patterns. Maybe indeed, it is as you say and you are not worth it, then we have a problem. Alright, just kidding. So in case you are none of your limiting stories and belief systems, we will get you to the point where you truly want to be. You will see authentic results from your actions and create an authentic life where there will be no need for escalating fears or frustrations. Your life is only how you choose to see it. Make a choice and stop the drama.



  • Identifying and transforming belief systems and stories that do not serve you


  • Mastering your expectations


  • Understanding your relationships


  • Finding your mission


  • Setting new standards

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