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Here is some background: I left school when I was sixteen to become an investment banker. After three years, I left banking to finish school and study Economics in Germany, whilst working as a journalist for an international TV Group. After I had completed my studies, I switched into the business of acquiring distribution rights to movies and television series for German speaking markets. This allowed me to travel back and forth between two of my favorite places, Germany and California.


After a while I expanded into marketing and started to oversee campaigns and premieres for movies to be released theatrically. I further expanded into production and financing of feature films and series, a field I am still active in as an Independent Film Producer.

My line of work eventually allowed me not only to meet but also to work with some of my greatest childhood inspirations. I have been working for or with some of the largest finance and media companies for the past 35 years.


It was around 2004 when I realized that something was still off with the way I was living my life. In business I was suffering due to unclear company structures and overwhelmed managers. Outside of business, my relationships kept falling apart. I felt unfulfilled and started to ask myself the big questions: “Is there a purpose? Am I really supposed to just cut through it and live a life that maybe is respected by society but never feels like it really, fully has to do with me?


Therefore, I began to study the mechanics of life with great intensity. I went on to read every book that seemed to have some insights. For over a decade, I visited healers and teachers all around the globe. I attended countless seminars and schools, learned techniques and rituals, practiced Martial Arts, went on shamanic vision quests, walked through deserts, jungles and mountains until one night after a sweat lodge given by a great Shaman, answers began to unfold.

Since then I have made it my task to share these insights with you, to pass them on to younger generations, so they can choose to become more conscious, more aware, more free.


I am not esoteric or religious or of any specific beliefs. In fact, I am pretty grounded and pragmatic, but I do trust in the power of clarity. Of seeing things the way they are. Where our story ends, is where clarity can begin to unfold.

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