Leadership is directly reflected by your Company Culture. It is not about free yoga classes and foosball tables. I have seen great foosball players who are miserable at their jobs. Even the leading foosball table manufacturers have established Company Cultures that do not per se involve their employees playing foosball.


Company Culture is about what your company and it´s leaders stand for. How does your company treat its employees, how does it treat its clients. What are the core values. What is the vision. What is the mission. What is the strategy. Are you giving, or are you just taking. Are your employees part of something. Have you integrated social good into your Company Culture.


If you want your business to live up to its true potential, an intentional, authentic, spirited and clearly defined Company Culture is an absolute must-have. Unhappy employees do not deliver their best work. Great managers who do not feel appreciated quit. But it all starts at the top. Do you, as a business owner, have absolute, unshakeable clarity over what it is that you want personally, what it is that you want from your business, and where it is that you want to go. Are you fully aware of your strengths and are you taking full advantage of those. Do you have a clear understanding about what it is that your employees and your clients expect from you. And do you want to meet those expectations. Do you lead by example, or do you represent an image. Are you telling yourself a story, or is it the real You who is running your enterprise. Are you consistent or is there a disconnect between what you say and what you do.


As long as there is a pain in your business, you are probably driving on default core values and

unauthentic belief systems. We will need to find out what is real, and then your company can drive on that newfound clarity. We will need to be fully honest.


  • Is my life loving, powerful and giving, and does this also apply to my company


  • Is there absolute clarity about why my company exists, what my company is doing and why


  • Do I have absolute certainty that I have the skills to be a CEO and that this is what I want


  • Do I have firm confidence about wether I want to be a business strategist, a business owner or a business operator


  • Is my current Company Culture designed intentionally


  • Do I like my employees and partners, do I enjoy working with them


  • Can I attract the best employees for my company


  • Can I keep my best employees


  • Have I established a face-to-face culture or are people hiding behind desks and emails


  • Can I identify my B-players and can I find ways to turn them into A-players




If there is any uncertainty about at least one of these questions, there is substantial room for improvement.

Not all can be taught. If your true passion is singing and dancing, we will have a hard time turning

you into an endurance artist if that is not what you really want. Operating outside of your true gifts will always be exhausting. My privilege is to efficiently help you to fully empower yourself to be the best you can, so you can empower others. Once you can answer all of the above questions with a glorious YES, you will not only be more successful, but also be more fulfilled.

10 OUT OF 10